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Famous Romanticism Paintings
Art History

Famous Romanticism Paintings – The Best Romanticism Artwork of the Era

The era of Romanticism began in the late 18th century and reached its peak mid-19th century. It is a movement that was expressed through art, music, and literature. Romanticism is seen to be an intellectual movement rather than simply an aesthetic one. Believed to be a reactionary movement, it shunned the rational and scientific ideas…

Famous Contemporary Artists

Famous Contemporary Artists – Discover the Most Famous Modern Artists

The contemporary art world is vast and continuing to grow.  Knowing about contemporary art is knowing about an important and present part of art being made today. The contemporary art world is big and filled with more and more artists every day. Below is a list of some of the most famous contemporary artists who…

Sistine Chapel Ceiling Painting by Michelangelo

Sistine Chapel Ceiling Painting by Michelangelo – The Sistine Chapel Art

A landmark achievement of High Renaissance art, the Sistine Chapel ceiling painting by Michelangelo is still highly regarded today. The many painted components of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel were part of a greater plan of decorating the church building, which included Michelangelo’s enormous paintings as well as wall paintings by other famous artists…

Zdzisław Beksiński

Zdzisław Beksiński – The Life and Works of the Dystopian Surrealism Artist

Polish artist Zdzisław Beksiński was a photographer, sculptor, and painter. His alchemic process mixed emotions, free associations, and external factors to create a window into his imagination. Beksiński is widely regarded as the godfather of creepy sketches and twisted art which defies categorization. Beksiński’s paintings are frightful, macabre, and dystopian nightmares on canvas.    …

Famous Collage Artists

Famous Collage Artists – A Look at Celebrated Collage Art and Artists

Collage, a term coined by Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso, is a medium with its roots in the Dada era. The medium sprung to life out of a need to respond to the flood of media and propaganda of the First World War, and allowed artists to engage directly with newspaper articles, magazines, advertisements, and…

Famous Ceramic Artists

Famous Ceramic Artists – Looking at the Most Celebrated Pottery Makers

Vessels, or as we know them by, ceramics, have always been a staple for human existence, acting as functional objects to enhance living. Over the course of many a kiln firing, the functional aspects of ceramics have taken on other functions, so to say, those of art, beauty, and decoration; there has always been a…

Max Beckmann

Max Beckmann – Exploring the Style of Max Beckmann’s Paintings

Born Max Carl Friedrich Beckmann, he was a German artist who rejected the Expressionism movement in favor of the New Objectivity movement. This movement detested the emotional and romantic idealism of the Expressionists and instead, moved towards practicality in the world. In this article, we will learn more about Max Beckmann and his attempt to…

Famous Portrait Paintings

Famous Portrait Paintings – A Look at the Most Famous Art Portraits

Portrait painting is among the most prevalent painting genres. In theory, it allows for a realistic picture of an individual while emphasizing their physical attributes and, maybe, spiritual or intellectual traits. This genre, characterized by portraits of individuals, has been performed by some of art history’s most significant artists, resulting in a large collection of…

How to Stretch Watercolor Paper

How to Stretch Watercolor Paper – A Guide to Prepare Watercolor Paper

Many watercolorists will tell you just how much stretching watercolor paper improved their general painting performance. Watercolors can be extremely versatile and practical if the right preparations are made for the paper. Stretching watercolor paper prevents it from warping or buckling while sustaining plentiful layers of watercolor paint. There are several methods that you can…

The Birth of Venus Botticelli

“The Birth of Venus” Botticelli – Learning About This Iconic Painting

Sandro Botticelli, one of the original prodigies of the Italian Renaissance era, is renowned for his artistic contribution to the significant art movement. While his work includes secular portraiture and Scriptural portrayals, he is most recognized for his larger-than-life mythical settings, such as The Birth of Venus painting. Sandro Botticelli’s treatment of subject matter distinguishes…

Renaissance Facts
Art History

Renaissance Facts – A Summary of Renaissance History

What was the Renaissance and what does Renaissance mean? Following the Middle Ages, Europe had an intense era of artistic, cultural, geopolitical, and commercial “reawakening” known as the Renaissance. In this article, we will not only be exploring Renaissance history, but we will also be uncovering the most interesting Renaissance facts.     A Brief…

Romanticism Art
Art History

Romanticism Art – Looking at the Style and Artworks That Defined the Era

The Romantic period is one of the most important periods in history as it influenced the way we think about life, love, work, family, and nature. This influence spread so deeply into the mindset of people all over the world, that till this day most of us are “Romantic” in some aspects of our sensibilities….

Famous Medieval Paintings

Famous Medieval Paintings – Discover Famous Middle Ages Paintings

The Medieval art era, spanning many years and the rise and fall of many kingdoms all over Europe, started around the fall of the Roman Empire and only ended around 1500 A.D. Despite the vast difference in location and time between many of the most important Medieval artworks, most of them are linked because of…

The School of Athens Raphael

“The School of Athens” Raphael – Analyzing This Famous Artwork

The School of Athens by Raphael, produced from 1509 until 1511, is a famous Italian Renaissance fresco painting that was created to adorn the Vatican’s Apostolic Palace. The School of Athens painting is renowned for its realistic utilization of perspective projection. In this article, we will cover an in-depth The School of Athens analysis, as…

What Colors Make Blue

What Colors Make Blue? – Learning How to Make Blue Paint

Blue is a color that is used by many artists nowadays. In addition, when compared to other hues, you will see that that blue occurs on most color palettes. As a result, understanding what colors make blue is essential to understanding how to mix colors to create the many shades of blue that you need. This article…

What Colors Make Orange

What Colors Make Orange? – Explore the Different Shades of Orange

Orange has always been a particularly popular hue among painters throughout history. In certain cultures, orange is considered a sacred color, while in others, it is associated with the monarchy. But what colors make orange? This article includes the answer to this question. We will also discuss how to make orange, the different shades of…

Famous Paintings of Women

Famous Paintings of Women – The 15 Most Famous Female Portraits

Throughout the history of art, women have always been featured as prominent subject matter. From saintly subjects, nude goddesses, beautiful female portraits, lounging aristocrats, and everything in between; women have been there. In this article, we explore famous paintings of women, done by men as well as women; starting from the earlier Renaissance period when…

What Colors Make Brown

What Colors Make Brown? – Learn the Shades of the Brown Color Palette

Brown is a color that we see practically every day. The color can be seen in wood, mud, and furnishings, among other things.  The color is lovely, and it imparts a natural warmth as well as a feeling of aesthetic beauty. But what colors make brown? This article will explain the colors that combine to…

Oil vs Acrylic

Oil vs. Acrylic – Understanding the Difference Between Acrylic and Oil Paint

Which paint is better to use: oil or acrylic paint? This is a long-standing debate between painters from all levels of experience. The reality is that the answer isn’t as clear-cut as you would like. Various factors determine which paint is better to use in what scenario, in order to achieve the best finish. Before…

What are Standard Canvas Sizes

What Are Standard Canvas Sizes? – Exploring Various Canvas Dimensions

People like having artwork or family portraits displayed in their homes or places of work, and this is becoming more popular. However, this is only possible if the appropriate canvas is selected. When considering how you will display your next painting, it is important to choose the correct canvas size. This article will provide an…

Eva Hesse

Eva Hesse – Exploring the Life and Artworks of the American Sculptor

Eva Hesse’s career spanned only a single decade, but the influence of her art has far surpassed that, as her prolific oeuvre still looms largely over the post-Minimalist art scene. Looming large as a Post-Minimalist sculptor, Hesse innovated a huge amount of materials in her field, with her hard work and success opening up the…

African Art
Art History

African Art – Looking at the Development of African Artwork

The earliest appearance of African art is dated back to when humanity started walking the planet. Africa might be the birthplace of humankind, but it also currently has the youngest population in the world. A 2021 study showed that six in every ten people in Africa are under the age of 25! It is no…

Is Acrylic Paint Toxic

Is Acrylic Paint Toxic? – Learning All About This Type of Paint

Painting is a wonderful means to express oneself creatively. Acrylic paint is one of the greatest types of paint that you can use. Using acrylic paint, you may create a wide range of colors, patterns, and effects. Acrylic paints are flexible, colorful, and stable, making them ideal for transforming your artworks into pieces of art…

Neutral Colors

Neutral Colors – Exploring the Possibilities of Neutral Shades

Given the numerous advantages of using neutrals in your house for decoration or for pieces of artwork, it’s no wonder that they serve as the foundation for the majority of home improvement initiatives. Many rooms in your home will look beautiful when colored in neutral hues, and there are a wide variety of alternatives available…

Camille Pissarro

Camille Pissarro – Exploring the Life and Art of Painter Camille Pissarro

At a time when the French cultural world was passionately focused on classical ideas of religion and mythology, Camille Pissarro’s focus on the average person was highly contentious and contributed to a rift in the art world. This rift came in the form of French impressionism, a movement driven by the stubbornness of Pissarro and…

What Colors Make Magenta

What Colors Make Magenta – How to Mix Different Shades of Magenta

It should come as no surprise that the color magenta has seen a significant increase in popularity due to its different tones of purple, red, and even pink. A large number of people are now using this color in their artworks and craftworks. This has sparked a great deal of interest in the colors that…

Neoclassical Art
Art History

Neoclassical Art – Exploring the Art and Style of the Neoclassical Period

Neoclassical art evolved in response to the extremely colorful and garish forms of the Baroque and Rococo periods, which were instilling culture with a narcissistic aesthetic focused on individual contrivances and whimsy. Neoclassicism art sparked a widespread renaissance in classical philosophy, mirroring what was occurring in social and political spheres at the time, eventually contributing…

Marisol Escobar – A Look at the Life and Art of Marisol Escobar

Marisol Escobar – A Look at the Life and Art of Marisol Escobar

Marisol Escobar was a well-known American sculptor recognized for her carved wooden sculptures, which frequently included photos and painted components. Marisol Escobar’s art was heavily inspired by pre-Columbian art, including clay and wood components while employing geometric abstraction. Escobar’s Pop art was world-renowned in the 1960s, and although her peak was short-lived, Marisol Escobar’s art…

Mannerism Art
Art History

Mannerism Art – Exploring the Artistic Style of the Mannerism Period

What is Mannerism art? Mannerist art is a European art style that arose in the final years of the High Renaissance in Italy which spread around 1530 and lasted until the conclusion of the 16th century when it was mainly supplanted by the Baroque style. The Mannerism style comprises a wide range of methods influenced…

Famous Watercolor Artists

Famous Watercolor Artists – Exploring the Best Watercolor Masters in Art

Watercolor painting is definitely one of the first forms of painting that most people try out besides finger painting with those washable craft paints. Most kindergartens and primary schools have these colors as a staple because they are easy to manage. You might think that this makes it one of the easiest paints to work…

Rachel Whiteread

Rachel Whiteread – Discovering the Life and Artworks of Rachel Whiteread

Rachel Whiteread’s sculptures are extremely unique, to say the least. No artist had ever made the space surrounding an item the focus of their work until Rachel Whiteread. Instead of putting a liquid, such as plastic, molten metal, or rubber, into a mold to create a reproduction of an existing piece, she created a plaster…

Abstract Artists

Famous Abstract Artists – Examining the World’s Best Abstract Painters

Starting in the early years of the 20th century, famous Abstract artists were able to incorporate many forms of abstraction into the dominant painting style of the period. Abstract painters, viewed as members of the avant-garde style, went on to become immensely important in the construction and development of art that was nonrepresentational and ultimately…

Famous American Painters

Famous American Painters – Looking at the Greatest American Artists

If we look back at the origins of American art classics we discover a link that connects back to a style of painting traditionally associated with the English. Many famous American artists first began to emerge in the 19th century, however, these great American painters would only begin to gain international recognition in the 20th…